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Praying for a spouse
pls pray for me, lord help me, unity us with louw, lord bring us back to gether, guide us, bind us in your true love lead us to a blessed marriage life, lord remove all evil blockcage, destructing us to restore our love , be our foundation, lord shine in me, open louw s mouth to propouse marriage, lord bless us with true love , guide us ,in your true way, help us lord ,remove anton that I saw in my dream jumping between me &louw, lord remove all blockcages, remove all evil, set me free , lord help me, I want to settle, to be a good wife, to my good husband, lord help me , iam growing old, lord iam tired of single, life, iam tired of man making me their toys, use me, and rejects me, lord help me in 2020,turn louw heart s to me, in jesus name amen!