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Artist: Hawk Nelson  Song Played: The Job  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: test    |    Artist: Aaron Shust  Song Played: Come to Me  Requested by: test  Dedication: test    |    Artist: Leeland  Song Played: Sound of Melodies  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: God bless you all    |    Artist: Aaron Graham  Song Played: Your Servant  Requested by: test  Dedication: test    |    Artist: Hosanna Music  Song Played: Praise To The Lord, The Almighty  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Thanks you Jesus    |    
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Healing Scriptures

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I am very thankful for the opportunity for having a time slot on Sunday and Wednesday. What a tremendous blessing! It was great to be able to hear the message, and see that others have already downloaded it. Glory to God!!!

Mega blessings
Philip Critchlow

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Ways to Listen...

Ways to Listen...

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Want a heads up on what new music we are planning on adding in the future?

Want a heads up on what new music we are planning on adding in the future?

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